State organs


President of the Republic

The web site of the President of the Republic provides information on the duties and powers of the President of the Republic, the incumbent and former presidents. There are also President’s speeches, press releases and news, information on travels and other events, and picture material available on this website.

The President of the Republic of Finland



The web site of Parliament offers topical information on the work of Parliament and a presentation of parliamentary activities, Members of Parliament and the organisation of Parliament. In addition, all parliamentary documents can be accessed via these pages.

Parliament is a gateway to citizens’ public sector web services in Finland. The portal gives access to important information and services provided by central and local government and certain civil service organisations. At the Workspace site under, you will find e-services and forms that are intended for public administration as well as content related to the development of online services. – Citizens’ forum is an electronic forum for citizen discussion on ongoing or future public sector projects, legislative reforms or other preparatory work on key administrative measures. The objective is to improve project management openness and step up interaction between public administration and citizens.


Other sites



The FINLEX Data Bank is an information system available free-of-charge on the Internet. The main language of the service is Finnish, but it contains a few documents in English, too. A database of translations of Finnish acts and decrees into other languages (mostly in English) and a database of international treaties with English versions are available. There is also a database of the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights - the cases concerning Finland are available in English.

FINLEX - the Democracy Data Bank is a repository for information on Finnish democracy. The website serves citizens, researchers, government professionals, educators and others interested in democracy and related issues.



The Constitution is the cornerstone of all legislation and exercise of public power. It contains provisions on state organisation, checks and balances between the top government branches and fundamental civil rights. The new Constitution of Finland entered into force on 1 March 2000.

The Constitution


Openness Act

The Act on the Openness of Government Activities came into effect in December 1999. The Act governs the openness and secrecy of official documents. These pages provide information on the content and preparation of the Act. A brochure on the new Act and the full text of the Act can be accessed at this address.

The Openness Act