Minister Virkkunen expresses sadness following the Jämijärvi air crash

Minister of Transport and Local Government Henna Virkkunen wishes to express her own sadness, as well as that of the entire Finnish Government, following the light aircraft incident near Jämijärvi in Satakunta on Sunday. The Minister offers her sincere condolences to the families of the victims and to all others affected by this tragic incident.



Ministers of Justice to discuss the future of the EU area of justice in Helsinki

The Finnish Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen and Minister of Justice Anna-Maja Henriksson have invited Ministers of Justice from several other EU Member States to Helsinki to discuss the future of the European area of justice in an informal meeting on Monday, 28 April.

"I am very pleased to have the opportunity to arrange this high-level meeting together with Prime Minister Katainen. I am also delighted to see that so many of my European colleagues are coming to Helsinki to discuss the strategy for the European area of justice, the rule of law and our common European values," says Minister Henriksson.



Open Finland 2014 exhibits the opportunities of open data

Next autumn, the Prime Minister's Office and its cooperation partners will organise a major event focusing on open data and its uses. The "Open Finland 2014" event will be held in Wanha Satama, Helsinki, on 15 - 16 September.

The event will bring together businesses, civil society organisations, researchers, administration and decision-makers. The participants will be challenged to take up open data, explore crowdsourcing and promote openness and opportunities for applying open data. The aim of the event is to gain exposure to the opportunities provided by the use of open data, share Finnish success stories and create new open data opportunities.



President of the Republic and the Cabinet Committee on Foreign and Security Policy discussed the situation in Ukraine

On Wednesday 16 April 2014, the President of the Republic and the Cabinet Committee on Foreign and Security Policy discussed the situation in Ukraine.

The situation in Ukraine continues to raise concern. Tension has increased in eastern Ukraine. All parties, including Russia, should do their part to de-escalate the situation and reduce tensions. The negotiations between Ukraine, Russia, the EU and the United States in Geneva on 17 April will provide an important opportunity to seek for a negotiated solution and open dialogue between Ukraine and Russia.