State owner outlines the future of Arctia Shipping

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Policy has outlined the future of the wholly state-owned company Arctia Shipping Ltd. From the owners point of view, competitiveness in the business sector must be increased and Arctia Shipping must be in a position to meet the situation.

All Arctia Shipping's vessels must be replaced by 2029. The total investment will amount to an estimated EUR 1 billion.



Minister Toivakka to make an export promotion trip to Germany

Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade Lenita Toivakka will make a three-day export promotion trip to Germany from 25 to 27 November. The purpose of the trip is to promote the exports and internationalization of Finnish companies and to market Finnish expertise and potential in Germany in the music industry as well as in the marine and engineering industries, logistics and the energy efficiency sector. Germany is Finland's second largest export destination after Sweden.



Report: Mining industry fluctuations are visible throughout the value chain

In recent years, the mining boom has subsided and the conditions have become less stable due to the uncertainty of the economic situation. Last year, the total investment in mines was approx. EUR 200 million, which is 45% less than the previous year. Finland is still one of the most attractive mining countries in the world, and the industry products will still be needed in the future.

This is the assessment of the Mining Industry Sector Report by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy's Business Sector Services, published in Helsinki on 25 November 2014.



Finland participated in Nato's Cyber Coalition 2014 exercise

Finland took part in Nato's Cyber Coalition 2014 (CC14) exercise which took place in Tartu on 17 to 20 November 2014. The exercise is organised on an annual basis and this was the fourth time for Finland as a partner country. A total of 26 Nato member countries and five partner countries participated.

As an exercise in cyber security, the purpose of the CC14 was to respond to a variety of cyber incidents and to secure an undisturbed flow of information among different actors during incidents.