Press release
Government Communications Unit
13.11.2007 17.50

An informal cabinet meeting discussed the Jokela school shooting

The Finnish Government held an informal cabinet meeting on Tuesday, 13 November, to discuss issues relating to the shooting incident that took place at a school in Jokela last week. The Government will allocate resources to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and to the Ministry of Education to enable the ministries and the municipality of Tuusula to provide support for the people living in Jokela.

Next week, the Government will set up a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the Jokela school shooting and events that bear relevance to the incident. In addition, a cooperation group comprising representatives of different ministries will coordinate activities that are and will be needed in various sectors.

Further information: Risto Volanen, State Secretary, Prime Minister's Office, tel. +358 9 1602 2006