Current issues


Swedish Prime Minister Löfven visits Finland

Sweden's new Prime Minister Stefan Löfven met Prime Minister Alexander Stubb in Helsinki on Monday 20 October. The meeting focused on EU issues and the premiers discussed the energy union and the climate and energy package extending until 2030.

With regard to economic issues, the discussions touched on ways to promote growth, especially the EU's internal market and the European Commission's social investment package. The prime ministers also discussed key international issues, including the Ukraine situation and UN affairs. Defence cooperation between Sweden and Finland was also on the premiers' agenda.



Prime Minister Stubb satisfied with his talks with Asian leaders

Prime Minister Stubb expressed his satisfaction with the ASEM Summit ending on Friday and the one-on-one talks conducted during the Summit. "In addition to bringing together one quarter of the world's states, the Summit offered a unique opportunity for holding one-on-one talks with the leaders of the Asian countries," Stubb said.

On Friday, Prime Minister Stubb had a meeting with Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang. He said that the relations between Finland and China are very good and dynamic.



Government administrative and service functions to be pooled together

The Government proposes that the organisation of the government's and its ministries' common administrative and service functions be assigned to the Prime Minister's Office as of 1 March 2015. The Prime Minister's Office would also direct and coordinate processes relating to the common administrative and service functions. On Thursday 16 October, the Government submitted to Parliament a proposal for the amendment of section 2 of the Government Act and section 1 of the Archives Act.

The pooling of the government's and its ministries' common administrative and service functions has been prepared under the Government Administrative Unit 2015 project. The project is part of the central government reorganisation project.



Minister Toivakka: Lighter EU regulation of SMEs

Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade Lenita Toivakka endorses the recommendation issued by the Stroiber Group to exempt the smallest businesses from some EU-imposed obligations. Similarly, Toivakka supports the Group¿s proposal to reduce the administrative burdens on businesses when EU regulation is implemented on the national level.

¿While it is necessary for an increasingly integrated Europe to have harmonised legislation, it needs to be drafted with due care to ensure that the commendable goals do not jeopardise jobs and economic growth. In the face of the current economic situation, it is advisable for both the EU bodies and the Member States to give serious consideration to the recommendations issued by Dr Edmund Stroiber's Group.